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Pregnancy & Osteopathy

Pregnancy can be a wonderful time but it also comes with physical difficulties that need to be managed.

Gavin Attewell is experienced at successfully treating women throughout all stages of their pregnancy.

Pregnancy puts a lot of strain on the body as it goes through major changes to accommodate a growing baby. As the pregnancy progresses the extra weight creates a shift in the body’s centre of gravity, pulling the body off balance


Supporting ligaments loosen which can mean less stability, increasing the chance of injury. Low back pain and pelvic pain are also common complaints in pregnancy with up to 60% of women experiencing back pain. [1]  [2]

“Many pregnant women find that treatment from an osteopath is very helpful for reducing pain throughout their pregnancy and in preparation for labour.”

A 2010 study shows that osteopathic manipulative treatment slows or stops back-specific problems that can occur during the third trimester of pregnancy. To assist with these problems, osteopaths may employ gentle soft tissue, articulation or stretching techniques during treatment. [3]

The stresses and strains that the body is exposed to during pregnancy are enormous so optimal functionality is essential for a comfortable pregnancy. Biomechanically, the pelvis has to adapt to accommodate the growing foetus – it rotates, the ligaments become lax and your centre of gravity continually changes. It is through these changes that your body can become imbalanced and you may experience pain and discomfort. Many women use osteopathic treatment for labour preparation too, aiding the birthing process by promoting pelvic functionality. [4]

Common complaints that women experience during pregnancy which osteopathic treatment can help are:

  • lower back pain

  • ‘sciatic’ pain

  • mid back pain

  • headaches

  • pelvic instability

  • PSD - Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction

  • postural pain associated with breast feeding

  • hip pain


Post-natally, Gavin recommends that his patients come and have a check-up to make sure that there are no residual ongoing back, or pelvic issues.


Osteopathy can help in treating the postural problems that you develop looking after a new-born baby. Osteopathic treatment can help with:

  • mid back pain associated with breastfeeding

  • lower back pain associated with lifting/carrying your child

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