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Meet the Osteopath

Gavin Attewell BSc (Hons) Ost Med, DO, ND, Cert Western Medical Acupuncture, Cert NAT

Registered Osteopath


Graduated from The British College of Osteopathic Medicine (formerly The British College of Naturopathy & Osteopathy) in 1995.


Senior Clinician, Lecturer & Examiner at The College of Osteopaths 2000-2017


Certificate in Medical Acupuncture 2006


Completed various courses on the mechanics of the lower limb and the prescripion of orthotics.


Certified Practitioner in The Niel Asher Technique for shoulder treatment (please click on logo above for more information)


What an osteopath can do for you:


Spinal manipulation can quickly and effectively relieve some types of back and neck pain and other conditions related to tightness and loss of mobility, such as tension headaches or aching in muscles and joints. It is also considered that certain soft tissue techniques (specialised massage) may be as effective as manipulation in relieving tension headaches and for the long-term relief of back pain. Osteopaths, can offer all of these modalities, when appropriate, and thus provide patients with a choice. They may also offer basic advice about nutrition, weight loss, exercise, ergonomics, relaxation techniques, body mechanics, home care (such as use of hot or cold packs), massage, and other self-help measures that might help relieve or prevent aches and pains.

Science-based osteopaths make appropriate judgments about the nature of their patients’ problems, determine whether these problems lie within their scope, and make appropriate referrals for problems that do not. Osteopaths who use manipulation and physical therapy appropriately are also willing to coordinate with your doctor so you can therefore benefit from the best that both have to offer.


Gavin is a practitioner with over 20 years experience of successfully treating patients in private practice and over 10 years experience teaching Osteopathy at degree level. He is able to choose from the osteopathic techniques previously mentioned and to combine them, when appropriate, with Medical Acupuncture, electotherapy (ultrasound) and the prescription of orthotics (special insoles/arch supports) when needed, to design and  expertly carry out the best treatment for you .

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